TRIO Life and Health Plan Employee Booklets

Every participant in the TRIO life and health plan is identified as a member of a specific class. These classifications are listed below. Clicking on the link will take you to the text of the employee booklet for that class. The booklets contain descriptions of all options for all benefits; however, each municipality has its own unique combination of benefit options. 

Your particular municipality’s plan design can be found on the “Booklet Attachment” which is available from your Town administrator, or by emailing Mary Galway at  In that email, you simply need to indicate your member class (A-Full-Time; B-Seasonal; C-Permanent Part-time; D – Elected Official; E – Early Retiree (55-65); F – Retiree (65-70) and the name of your municipality”

NOTE: The booklets above do not apply to employees of the following municipalities:

Gander Grand Falls - Windsor Happy Valley - Goose Bay
Deer Lake Gambo Portugal Cove - St. Phillips

Employees of these municipalities should contact their Town administrator for a copy of your Town’s unique employee booklet.

Small Town Plan
Some municipalities are enrolled in the Small Town Plan. Here is the latest employee booklet for that option

Posted April 2015