About Us

Newfoundland & Labrador Municipal Employee Benefits, Inc (NLMEB) is a separately incorporated body that operates as the trustees and management board for the pension fund and group benefits program available to all municipal employees and elected officials in the province.

TRIO is the brand created and operated by NLMEB to represent our group benefits and pension plans to our clients. Derived from a Spanish word meaning “team” which in itself evokes the concept of teamwork and the striving together to reach a common goal. TRIO is also associated with the number “three.” Thus, TRIO is dedicated to successfully marketing our three products – group life, group health and group pensions – to our three client groups – municipal elected officials, municipal employees, and municipally-related organizations.

Pension Fund

The pension fund is exceeds $115 million. Employers can choose between four defined benefit options or one defined contribution option.

Comprehensive Group Benefits Program

The Comprehensive group benefits program includes group health, life and dental coverages as well as long term disability and an Employee Assistance Program. As an alternative, the “Small Town” plan will appeal to those municipalities that require a less wide-ranging package of benefits.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors provides overall policy direction. There are six Board members.

The Professional Municipal Administrators (PMA) and Municipalities Newfoundland & Labrador (MNL) membership elect two each. The Boards of PMA and MNL appoint one Director each. The TRIO Board also has the discretion to appoint two Directors-at-Large.

The Board meets quarterly.